Saturday, July 25, 2015

Green Lakes Trek: Panorama from Rest Camp

South Col Expeditions trekked the route to the north-east base camp of Kangchenjunga in the Zemu Valley, North Sikkim. Here is a video from  our Green Lakes trek which gives a good idea of the terrain and the vews

Green Lakes is controlled by a strict permit system which some times takes months to get. However, those who are tenacious enough to follow this up usually get the permit and will be rewarded with a superb trek through pristine country.

The forests of the Zemu valley are quite amazing as are the mountains.

This was my second visit to Green Lakes after 1987 and I was saddened to see that the fair size pool of water had now dried up and become a small muddy pond.

For more information on the Green Lakes trek please visit the following links


  1. Gorgeous! What a beautiful place! Any plans to organize a trek in autumn 2016 to Green Lakes? Shocking as it may sound, I have never ever been to Sikkim..... and would love to join your trek to Green Lakes if there is going to be one. Oct /November 2016 would suit my time frame... Do let me know!

    1. Yes I have a plan for October 2016 but we will start the permit process from March 2016 onwards as sometimes it takes six months to get the permit!

    2. It is such a nice blog and I also want to share some details about Binsar camp.

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