Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Nepal Earthquake Support II - Update on Sundara Devi VDC

As many of you who have supported the twin villages of Kaaule and Bhangeri in Nuwakot  district of Nepal know that  I had made a visit to the villages last month to assess the situation there and chalk out a plan of action with the villagers.  My earlier report is found is this link below:


Today,  I am pleased to report that 350 bundles of GI zinc sheets for roofing have been delivered to the villagers from the  contribution made by the donors. 

Santaman Tamang one of the village leaders sent me this message last night  which I reproduce verbatim: 

"Dear Sir Sujoy 
 Yes I have distributed the 350 bundles for the villagers for the moment and soon going to bring the ordered 50 more bundles to my neighboring houses. You can see the attachments. Thank you very much for your great support which is most effective support for us.
Wishing you all the best and Looking onward to see you.
With Kindest Regards

Santaman Tamang
Your friend from Himalaya"

The photos sent by Santaman are below: 

Villagers waiting for the sheets to be distributed

Carrying the sheets home

The lorry which carried the sheets

Making a frame structure from wood for the temporary home

The sheets have not been permanently fixed as they will be re-used for the permanent houses


Trekkers, well wishers and friends of South Col Expeditions had raised an amount of USD 20,000 for the villagers. This entire amount was remitted through banking channels to Santaman Tamang. The bills received till date from Santaman are below and they cover the money which has been sent. The amounts are in Nepali Rs. Santaman still has another 50 bundles of sheeting to provide for the remaining villagers which he should manage through all the other donations he has received and he should also have some funds left over for future use.

I would like to thank all of you once again for the very generous support which you have given the people of Nepal.

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  1. Great stuff Sujoy ! So glad that the money is being put to good use. Let me know if more is needed. Just spoke to Shyam on the phone - he is in Kathmandu with his son. Could not get Santaman but will try again later.



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