Sunday, May 3, 2015

Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund

Santaman Tamang is a partner and friend of South Col Expeditions in Nepal for many years now. His village in Nuwakot district comprising of around 200 houses has been totally destroyed.  To provide temporary shelter using tarpaulin sheets and blankets and basic food essentials like rice,  South Col Expeditions has decided to set up a Relief Fund to help the villagers of Sundara Devi VDC- Kaaule Bhangeri. Nuwakot. 

Most of the sherpas and porters who have been part of our previous treks and expeditions come from this village including Santaman, Rame, Shyam. Bhakta etc.

I give below Santaman’s account on reaching Kathmandu on 30th April 2015 from his village:

Yes, arrived in  Kathmandu  with empty tears in my eyes, struggling from broken roads, landslides, don't know what to do, no internet, no electricity, Phones are not working properly even in Kathmandu, met my lovely kids and wife sleeping in open field. They cried when they saw me but I had no tears left. Kathmandu where we live is o.k. Mind is not working properly too.

Tired of taking out the dead bodies from the broken houses, managing dead bodies, rescuing  the injured by helicopter and providing the roof plastic toppling as we have, Lost everything in my region, 95 % of all the remote poor area's houses made of mud and stone plus wood have  collapsed. No water, No electricity no food no roof, it is very hard to save the survived one and treat injured, 10 to 15% of population from my area must have been lost. Don't know how to rebuild the villages; I also lost my beloved father who brought me to this stage of life from among 2000 people in the recent period. Lost many relatives, friends, well wishers.  

The biggest natural disaster that has been seen by my generation occurred 25th April 2025 12 noon Nepal time is one of the worst days for me in my life. Luckily for me and two of my other friends survived in 3 seconds, were just about to participate in school program in the area. I had no camera to post some terrible scenes.

I really thank you for all my national and international friends, well wishers, helpers, my respected personalities and who knows me for your kind concern about my life and my people, I have no words how to say thank you in this time of my life, I devote myself to you all. For sure we will meet and see each other if we can live and do not receive another disaster.
Santaman Tamang
Your friend in Nepal Himalaya.

 In a meeting in Kathmandu on Friday 1st May 2015 Santaman gave me the immediate cost for relief materials for his village. It is summarized below. It does not include any costs for rebuilding the village houses only the immediate survival costs.

Place: Sundara Devi VDC- Kaaule Bhangeri. Nuwakot.
1. The number of houses is 200.
2. Approximate member of the family is 5 to 7 persons.
3. One family requires 3 bags of rice for one month.
4. Immediate requirements Rice 600 Bags for 1 month.
5. 60 Top linings.
6. 700 Pieces of Blankets.

7. 1 Bag of rice cost NPR 1500/-
Total cost for Rice is 600 bags X NPR 1500 = 9'00'000 NPR.
8. Cost of 1 Top lings NPR 3500/-.
Total cost for Top Lings is 60 X NPR 3500 = NPR 2'10'000/-
9. Cost of 1 Blanket cost: NPR 1000/-
Total cost for Blankets is 500 X1000 = NPR 5'00'000/-
So approximate relief fund requires sum of NPR 16'10'000/-
 Transportation Cost NPR 75'000/-
 So Total estimation is: NPR 16'85'000/- which is USD 16,850 OR INR 10.53 LACS.

I would request all my South Col trekkers, my friends, well wishers of Nepal to contribute whatever is possible to this fund.   As time is of essence, cheques or bank transfers should be made to my own account until we can set up a dedicated account for this purpose. The account details are below:

Please email /sms / or FB messenger/ me for bank account number
IFSC CODE: UTIB0000411 (FOR NEFT transfers)
PHONE: 9831054569

Thanks for your patience and support and some photos of the village are below:



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