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The Annapurna Range from the North and South

The south side of the Annapurnas on top as photographed from a flight above Pokhara town and the north side below photographed from the Kang La Pass (5320 metres) - click to enlarge

On my last trek to the valleys of Nar and Phu in Nepal, I crossed the Kang la Pass ( 5320 metres) and descended into the Manang valley to join the famed Annapurna circuit route. On that sunny morning, I had a dress circle view of the Annapurna peaks from the northern side. I shot a panorama of the view and later on compared it to the view from the south which most of us are familiar with. The two views are given above for comparison.

The post below covers some of these great mountains and their first ascents. The data is courtesy the data base of Elizabeth Hawley.

1960 Dhaulagiri 8167m / 26,795ft
Expedition: Swiss / International
Leaders: Eiselin & Forrer
Summiteers: Dienberger, Diener, Schelbert, Vaucher, Weber, Sherpas ND & ND

Dhaulagiri Poon Hill View

1964 Annapurna South 7219m / 23,684ft
Expedition: Japanese
Leaders: Higuchi & Uyeo
Summiteers: Sherpa MT

1950 Annapurna I 8091m / 26,545ft
Expedition: French
Leaders: Herzog
Summiteers: Herzog, Lachenal

Annapurna I from the south - this was not the route climbed by Herzog in 1950 but by Bonington's team  in 1970

1962 Mardi Himal 5587m / 18,330ft
Expedition: British
Leaders: JOM Roberts
Summiteers: Sherpas AT, TN

1964 Machhapuchhare 6993m / 22,943ft
Expedition: British
JOM Roberts, attempt. Did not summit, got to within 20m of summit and turned back. Mountain now closed to expeditions.

Machhapuchhare from the Annapurna south base camp

1965 Gangapurna 7455m / 24,459ft
Expedition: West German
Leaders: Hauser & Greissl
Summiteers: Ehlers, Ekkerlein, Kollensperger, Reismueller, Seibold,
Wuensche, Sherpas - AT, PN & PD

1961 Annapurna III 7555m / 24,787ft
Expedition: Indian
Leaders: Kohli
Summiteers: Gyatso & Sherpa GS

 1955 Annapurna IV 7525m / 24,688ft
Expedition: West German
Leaders: Steinmetz
Summiteers: Biller & Wellenkamp

1960 Annapurna II 7937m / 26,041ft
Expedition: British
Leaders: JOM Roberts
Summiteers: Bonnington, Grant & Sherpa AN

1974 Lamjung Himal 6983m / 22,910ft
Expedition: British
Leaders: Burgess
Summiteers: Chamberlain, Isherwood, Neame & Scott

View 300 metres below Kang La including Dhaulagiri and the Chulu peaks - click to enlarge

1956 Manaslu 8163m / 26,781ft
Expedition: Japanese
Leaders: Maki
Summiteers: Higeta, Imanishi, Kato & Sherpa GN

1960 Himalchuli 7893m / 25,896ft
Expedition: Japanese
Leaders: Yamada & Miyashita
Summiteers: Harada, Nakazawa & Tanabe

1960 Baudha 6672m / 21,890ft
Expedition: Japanese
Leaders: Iso
Summiteers: Kobayashi & Shibata

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