Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Nikon D7200

Nikon has introduced a new top of the line DX body, the D7200 which follows the D7100 and D7000. As compared to the earlier D7100, the improvements can be summarised as under:

  • Upgraded image processor engine
  • Bigger buffer size
  • Increased low ISO capabilities going down to ISO 100
  • Now also with Group Area AF and Auto Area AF
  • More Picture Control options
The camera is an upgrade for the users of the D7100 and also the D7000.  

Looking at pricing the D7200 is around $ 1199 body only, a refurbished D7100 is now available for $699  whereas a  used D7000 is EX+ condition is available at at $ 449! The refurbished D7100 looks quite a steal!

Though the camera comes with some improved features, primarily the larger buffer size, I doubt it will be enough for those already using the D7100. However, users of the D7000 and the lesser DX Nikon bodies like the D90, D5000 series and D3000 series may well be tempted to upgrade to the D7200.

I suspect too that the initial pricing will stablise after a few months and the body should be available sub $1000 street!

Those DX users dreaming of a D400 to replace the D300/300s would possibly have to keep waiting - there does not seem any plan at Nikon's end to produce the D400 but one never knows! Nikon is full of surprises!


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  2. I am currently using D3000 (Previous to that I Was using a Pentax K1000 and a Minolta 450E). Initially I was thinking of upgrading to a D610. However, several factors are holding me back such as the AF points, native ISO, max shutter speed and lastly the price (where I can spend it to get a better prime glass).

    Would you suggest the D7200 or should I go FF?

    Thanks in advance and more power to you sir.

    1. Roger, if you are looking for better glass then in the DX format on the wide angle side you would be confined to the zoon lenses nikon 10-24 and 12 -24. There are some Nikon prime wides like 20 1.8 24 1.4 4 etc which can be used for DX but are for full frame as the 24 will become a 36 due to the crop factor 1.5x. If you are happy with the Dx zooms then stay with DX and the 7000 series are good. If you are looking at prime lenses there are not too many for DX only - Nikon has been making primes for FF in the last few years.

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  5. the built-in features which are provided by Nikon D7200 are remarkable and the filters are superb to use. as i am a photographic lover, this camera is perfect device for me.



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