Saturday, October 20, 2012

Night Photography & Slow Shutter Speeds - II

Asan Tole in Kathmandu is just a five minute walk from the tourist hub of Thamel. It has a bustling market in the mornings and evenings. It also has the famous Annapurna Temple which receives thousands of devotees every day.
One evening around dusk I was returning from Patan and walking from Ratna Park through Asan Tole to Thamel. Luckily, I had my tripod with me that day. As I entered Asan Tole, I found that the evening market or "haat" was in full swing. I took some quick shots but as the sun had already set and the light was fast fading I realised that none of them would work.
While looking around the square, I noticed a window on the first floor of a building with a staircase going up. I then realised that this was the location for the photograph. I went up and found it to be a doctor's chamber! The doctor very kindly agreed to my request to take some photographs and I mounted my tripod in front of the window. This is the result!

Nikon D90, 16-85 VR at 24mm, 1 sec at F8, ISO 640, WB auto

For more photographs of the Kathmandu valley please visit my web site album  Kathmandu Valley

1 comment:

  1. Nice one. It shows the scene from the vantage point. The doctor must have thought why this guy is wanting to click a day to day scene.



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