Friday, September 14, 2012

Bhadgaon Guest House, Bhaktapur

Taumadhi Tole from the roof of Bhadgaon Guest House
In the heart of Taumadhi Tole  with a breathtaking view of the Nyatapola Temple is the Bhadgaon Guest House. Started in 1997, the old building has 11  rooms with another 22 rooms in two annexe buildings nearby.

The guest house built in the Newari  style fits in beautifully with the rest of  the architecture of  Bhaktapur.
There is a rooftop restaurant from where the entire square is visible and a deluxe fourth floor room with a private balcony and a view to die for.

I stayed for a night last week at the guest house and was more than happy with the clean sunny rooms,  clean bathrooms with hot water and good meals. Most visitors to Bhaktapur come for the day but a night stay is most certainly recommended.

 For details of the Bhadgaon Guest House do visit or e-mail

Lobby of the Guest House

Rooftop restaurant of the guest house

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  1. Well Nepal is a beautiful city around Himalayas; we visited last December with family, it was pleasure to saw Nepal



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