Friday, October 8, 2010

Himalayas Wildlife: Marmot below SirSir La pass, Ladakh

The SirSir La is one of the seven passes to cross on the trail from Phanjila to Padum. I was descended from the pass on a September evening in 2009  heading for the village of Photoksur when I spotted this marmot peering out it's burrow. It vanished inside again, only to resurface after a few minutes and gave me a chance to take a few photographs.


  1. Wonderfully captured the Pictures
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  2. Lovely pic, Sujoy :)
    This is the first close up pic I have seen of a Marmot.

  3. too sweet, wish i could make marmotlade out of him and eat him up

  4. Is it really that shade of indigo?

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  6. Brilliant pic...I envy you. I always dreamt of doing what you do. :)
    The Marmot looks deep in thought



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