Friday, December 12, 2014

The Mountains of the Zemu Valley, North Sikkim

A South Col Expeditions team trekked the Zemu Valley and the Green Lakes Kangchenjunga base camp in October-November 2014. The spectacular valley has an array of impressive peaks both named and unnamed and possibly some still to be climbed! Here is a black and white essay on some of the peaks of the valley.

Kangchenjunga north east spur and face from the Green Lake plain
Twins on the left and Nepal Peak in front 
Siniolchu from Rest Camp 4450m
Simvu (left). the Zemu Gap and Kangchenjunga (right)
Langpo peak to the north west of Kangchenjunga

Unnamed peaks east of Simvu


  1. Superb. Good to see these in black and white

  2. Amazing pics! The mountains evoke such a sense of awe in me (like many other people, I suppose). Just stumbled across your blog and it seems fantastic - a Himalayan travel blog, wow. Bookmarking you. :)
    - Ami



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