Saturday, August 17, 2013

Nemai Ghosh: Satyajit Ray and Beyond

For more than three decades photographer Nemai Ghosh tracked the legendary director Satyajit Ray  with dogged determination and skill.  Leaving no stone unturned, he photographed moments from Ray's films including intimate portraits of Ray himself captured in his unobtrusive style. Now, in what is an exhibition of a lifetime, Delhi Art Gallery (DAG) has digitized Ghosh's work of more than one lac negatives, and present around one hundred and seventy archival prints at the Harrington Street Arts Centre  Kolkata.

DAG had also brought out a superbly printed book on Ghosh's photographs which was also available at the gallery.

“Ghosh’s photographs of Ray, at home and on the sets suggest a rare intimacy, with the poignancy of these images of the master at work, directing and in many cases enacting roles,” said Pramod Kumar KG, curator of the exhibition.

Photo Copyright Nemai Ghosh
At the exhibition preview last evening Ray's cameraman, the gifted Soumendu Roy who launched the book, commented that " what  I could not achieve with my big camera, Nemai has done with his little camera!"

Photo Copyright Nemai Ghosh
Other than the photographs of the Ray films, the exhibition also shows some of Ghosh's work on the theatre as well as an exquisite portrait of the late Smita Patel.

The show is on until 31st August 2013 and should not be missed!

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