Thursday, August 8, 2013

Monsoon in Sikkim

The rainy season in Sikkim begins in June and lasts till the end of September. It is a time when tourists and trekkers do not go to Sikkim. However for the intrepid who is willing to brave the rain and the leeches it is an extremely rewarding time to visit! The light is the monsoon is quite spectacular and the evening sunsets and clarity of the atmosphere after the rains is beautiful. High up on the Himalayan meadows flowers bloom in abundance while yaks and sheep graze on the luxuriant grasslands! Here are some photos from Sikkim in the monsoon and for more photos please do visit

Outskirts of Gayzing, West Sikkim

Forest near Bakhim on the Dzongri trail

Martam paddy fields


Trail between Yuksam and Bakhim


  1. Excellent shots!

  2. Nice photos and description.
    Thanks for posting.



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