Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nikon Equipment

I am often asked by photographers and especially on facebook what camera and lens was used to take a specific photograph. So this post discusses all the equipment that I have and also what equipment I may plan to get soon.

Nikon F3 HP and Nikon N80
Nikon D90

Prime Lenses
Nikon 24 f2.8 AF
Nikon 28 F2 AI ( manual focus)
Nikon 35 F2 AF
Nikon 50 F1.8 AF-D
Nikon 85 F1.8

Zoom Lenses
Nikon 16-85 f3.5-5.6 AFS VR for DX
Nikon 70-300 F 4-5.6 AFS VR
Nikon 80-200 F4-5.6

Oban AC 1400 Al Tripod with BA 00 Head
Silk Mini Pro Table Top Tripod

Nikon SB 22 flash
Nikon ML L3 remote release

What do I use mostly?
As most of my work in the done in the mountains where you need to travel light and you also need to carry your equipment all day, I am using the D90 with the 16-85 on me with the 70-300 VR in a pouch around my waist. I also have the 35 F2 AF in my pack if needed for low light. Regarding tripods, I usually carry the Slik Table top with me on every trek and on some occasions, like last November to Everest I will take the full size rock steady Oban tripod.  If I am shooting in a city, e,g. Kathmandu, then I would carry some of the primes with me as well.
What about film? The last time I shot colour transparency film was in Ladakh in 2009, but all my film bodies work just fine and I hope to be able to get back to some film shooting soon provided I am able to get some good slide film like Fuji Velvia!  A  good saturated transparency projected six feet on a screen with a Kodak Carousel projector is something that digital projectors would find hard to beat!

Future Aspirations?
I am seriously looking to add an FX sensor body to this kit as all my prime lenses would work beautifully with the new body.  A possible first choice is the new D600 which would be small and light enough for mountain trekking and would have more than enough megapixels than I need 24 MP! I have also started doing a lot of low light work and long time exposures of mountains at night  which would benefit from this full frame sensor and better high ISO performance. I am not too keen on the D800 as I feel that the 36 MP sensor would be a bit of an overkill for me and produce very large raw files which would possibly need a new computer as well! One the lenses front I have my eye on the Nikon 24 F1.4 G which is possibly the best wide angle in it's class today! The 1.4 aperture would open up a whole new realm for low light handheld photography like inside monasteries!

Good luck with your shooting!

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