Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Photo Workshop with Aquaterra Adventures

I am conducting a photo workshop with Aquaterra Adventures at their resort/camp near Rishikesh on the banks of the Ganga  from Jan 25-27 2013 and again from March 15-17 2013. 

Rishikesh tours and travel

Jan 25-27th 2013 and March 15-17 2013

Day 1
Arrive from Delhi
1 pm to 2 pm lunch
2 pm to 6 pm First Session: Photography Fundamentals and Essentials followed by Q &

Day 2
Sunrise to 9 am: Morning Photo Shoot 3 pm to Sunset; Evening Photo Shoot
7 pm to 8 pm: Slide Show covering photo tips and techniques like Compositions,
Lighting, Exposure, Basic Photo Editing

Day 3
8 am to 12 noon: Photo Critique Session of three photographs taken by each
12 noon to 1 pm: Lunch
Back to Delhi

Master Exposure: Learn how to make a great exposure and forget all the guesswork.
Learn about auto modes, shutter priority, aperture priority etc. It is all about recognizing
middle-tones; exposing for all tonalities - grey, black, and white, understanding
histograms and using them effectively. Understanding exposure is one of the KEYS to successful shooting, and you will master exposure during this course! Also learn about depth of field, different lenses and their uses.

Composition: Learn the fine points of effective compositions - Finding effective
compositions, using lenses effectively; seeking the best perspective; texture, color,
point of view; knowing zones of sharpness; selective focus; and the rule of thirds. This
will also make you think like an artist. From trying to take pictures, learn to make
photographs. Learn some of the fine points from painters and others, who use visual elements to compose beautiful imagery.

Maximizing the Digital Potential: Learn color management, post-processing methods to improve the brightness, contrast, and white balance of your image.

Equipment & Lenses: Know what to buy and what not to buy and learn how to use your gear effectively. Learn from choosing the right body with right features to connect to the right set of lenses. Also tips about photography accessories like tripod, CF cards, flash,
filters, bags, etc., will be discussed. Understand the tools of trade for Close-up and
Landscape photography. This session will also teach you how to manage and take care of your camera gear.

Critique: This workshop also gives you a chance to get your images critiqued. A very constructive critique session which will include technical and aesthetic aspects.

Photography in Practice: Learn what it takes to push your photography to the next level and keep it going.

Bring your camera - DSLR, Point and Shoot, Compact etc. Cameras like Nikon
Coolpix, Canon Powershot are also welcome though it does help to have a capable camera.
If you are a DSLR user you may like to bring your extra lenses as well.
Laptops are welcome though not essential for editing and viewing photographs.

The costs of the workshop are given below for each of the options of accommodation. Please note that these costs DO NOT INCLUDE the cost of travel.

Workshop Fees: Rs 10,000 per person
Accomodation at Atali Ganga - Rs 12,000 per person
or Accomodation at Camp Silver Sands - Rs 4,200 per person

The above costs include all course costs, all accomodation, all meals.

For further details please do visit the links below 

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