Friday, September 21, 2012

Nikon D600: Normal Zoom Lenses

Now that Nikon has launched the new full frame D600 priced ar $2099 (body only), many photographers who are presently shooting with DX bodies would be seriously considering an upgradation to FX. To help them make a decision with lenses, I am discussing some of the normal  Nikon zooms for an FX body both new and used.

Zooms with VR (Vibration Reduction)
24-85 f3.5/4.5 VR USD 600 New
This lens introduced in 2012 and sold along with the D600 for USD 2699 features VR and covers some of the most useful focal lengths for a normal zoom including 24mm. The lens is light, around 485 gms and could well be the first choice for a D600 shooter. For a review of the lens please do visit

24-120 f4 VR USD 1296 New
This lens was mated with the D700 as well as the D800 as a standard normal zoom. It's advantages over the 24-85 is a fixed f4 aperture and a longer zoom range upto 120mm. On the flip side, the cost of the lens is double so D600 shooters would have to decide whether the added cost is worth it given the benefits. This would be my No 1 choice if price was not a factor.  For a review do visit

28-300 f3.5/5.6  VR USD 1050 New
This is an all -in one zoom which would replace both a normal zoom and a tele zoom. Despite being a slow lens, it is well equipped and the results are surprisingly good! Use this one if you want to travel with just one camera and one lens. A good option for travel photography when weight and flexibility are at a premium! For a review of this lens please do visit

Zooms without VR

24-70 f2.8 ED G USD 1887 New
This is a professional grade short zoom with a fast f2.8 aperture which is likely to appeal to photographers who do a lot of low light work. However the weight 900 grams and price will be a deterrent to most but the performance and optical quality cannot be faulted despite the lack of VR. For a review please do visit

28-105 AF-D 3.5/4.5 USD 150-205 Used
This was a very fine normal lens in the film days and I used it extensively on my F3, N90 and FM cameras.  Nowadays available at a real bargain price  it is capable of giving excellent results on an FX body. Covering five important focal lengths, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm and 105 mm, it can be the ideal walk around lens! For a review please visit

24-85 AF-S 3.5/4.5 G  USD 300-350 Used
This  is the non VR version of the 24-85 and is a good lens at a very competitive price point. No longer available new, it is a good choice used (  For a review please visit


  1. A perfect match for trekking lovers is that camera lenses.

  2. The Nikon D600 body is now selling new for less than USD 2000 and refurbished at USD 1599. This is a good price for a full fram FX sensor DSLR. In the USA Adorama ( is offering this price amongst others.



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