Saturday, March 17, 2012

South Col Photographer wins Photo Competition

South Col Expeditions recently conducted a trek cum photo workshop in the Annapurna Himalayas of Nepal. The senior most photographer of the team was Dhrubo Gupta, a fit and enthusiastic 75 year old trekker from Calcutta!  Dhrubo's  photograph of Annapurna South from Poon Hill recenly won  the first prize in the DP review  competition ).
In Dhrubo's own words:  Annapurna Blushes: Mid-December minus 9 Celsius dawn from Poon Hill at 3200 metres, after an hour’s climb in the dark from Ghorapani at 2900 metres. It was a two days trek to Ghorapani and at one stretch we had to climb over 3500 steps at one go – the trek was graded "easy" but when you are pushing 75 it can be very tough !
Motto of the story:  Trek with South Col Expeditions, win photo competitions!
Well done Dhrubo look forward to having you with us again!

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  1. Trekking with photography in the Himalayan is a great job to enjoy a adventure.Thanks for sharing the post.



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