Thursday, October 20, 2011

Value for money lenses for Nikon

Many photographers migrating from point and shoot cameras to a DSLR camera often complain about the huge investment required to be made in DSLR lenses. So to help them I am listing below some value for money Nikon lenses,  many of which I have used myself.

35 f1.8 DX – USD 200
This is a DX lens which will act a normal lens (50 mm) on a DX body. The lens has a built in motor so it works with all DX bodies. It is extremely fast, sharp and light and warrants a place in every shooter’s bag. For more reviews of this lens please see and 

40 f2.8 DX Macro USD 280
A new introduction to the Nikon DX range, the lens provides macro capability with good speed and portability.  For a review please visit

50 F1.8 AF-D – USD 120
I bought this lens when I had film cameras and continued to use it in the digital era. With a DX body it does the work or a short fast telephoto and is amazingly useful in low light situations. Light and small it can also fit into a jacket pocket and is tack-sharp. For a review of this lens please see . It does not have a built in AF motor so you need to focus manually on Nikon D3000/3100/5000/5100 etc.

18-55 VR DX USD 120-180 (refurbished to new)
This is a highly underrated lens. Often supplied as the “kit lens” with the Nikon DX bodies it is light, sharp and extremely versatile. It also focuses as close as 9 inch which is suitable for close up work. The lens has Nikon’s vibration reduction technology allowing exposures as low as 1/10 of a second without shake. The lens is available at various web sites like new as well as refurbished. Though the build quality of the lens  is inferior to other Nikons, nevertheless it presents a very good value proposition.   For a review of this lens please see . I used this lens for many years before upgrading  last year to the  Nikon 16-85 VR. 

55-200 VR DX USD 150-250 (refurbished to new)  
This lens has for long been one of the hidden gems in the Nikon DX range. It has been superseded by the 55-300 Nikon VR but still retains value and offers excellent bang for the buck. For a review of this lens please see . It was made in both the VR and non VR versions and the VR version is preferred. 


  1. F1.8 - 50 mm is really good and value for money .. i loved it very much .. you always find that in my kit..

  2. Keep up the good work. Best of luck. From



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