Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Great Himalaya Trail Map of Nepal

NEW! Great Himalaya Trail Map of Nepal

Himalayan Map House is delighted to announce the largest and most accurate map of Nepal ever produced. Development of the Great Himalaya Trail (GHT) Route Planner has been a massive project and will provide direct funding to vocational training programs and remote area tourism through the GHT Alliance.

Since 2003, Himalayan Map House and Australian, Robin Boustead, have systematically researched, documented and mapped every major trekking route in Nepal. For the first time all of this information is available on a new full-colour, highly detailed map that shows the GHT High Route, GHT Cultural Trail and all interlinking 3,500km of mountain trails. This will be a major asset for Visit Nepal 2011 and a vital tool for anyone in the tourism industry. Please see a colour copy of the press release with pictures of the GHT Nepal map and map cover. The GHT Nepal map shows:

·  All Nepal to 1:500000 scale, that’s 5km to 1cm size!
·  Total map size is 208 x 71cm
·  All major trekking routes are researched and logged by GPS.
·  50% of all major villages in Nepal.
·  All new road networks across the country, including mountain roads.
·  All National parks, Conservation and Wildlife protected areas.
·  A profile graph of the GHT High Route showing walking times and elevations.
·  Decorated with pictures of Nepal’s 8000m mountains and people from remote villages.
·  Costing Rs1500, this amazing, high quality map will be in shops from Sunday, 12th December.

For more information about the map, copies of digital versions to print and stockists please contact Pawan Shakya on the details above.

For more information about the GHT Alliance please contact Robin at

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