Monday, August 16, 2010

Leh Flood Disaster: Request for Donations for relief work

This is a mail received from Abeer Gupta who is working in Leh on rehabilitation work. Please help them if you can

Dear All
We at LAMO have been working in old town (the area just below the Leh Palace) and at this time of disaster have gotten involved in relief work there.

after a survey over the weekend we realised there has been extensive damage to the homes in OLD Town by the floods. Some of them are beyond repair but some of them have been left filled with mud and our current effort is to clean up those homes, restore the families back in those house and try and get them basic kitchen supplies, bedding, and household goods to start rebuilding their lives. 

since yesterday we have taken up a number of houses and can extend our services more effectively with your support. any monetary donation / aid would be most welcome at this time to help us do the job we have set about, properly. 

we are also assessing the structural damage that has been caused to the houses and working towards a larger estimate of expenses which will be required for the proper reconstruction. a more detailed report of the situation here and our own plans should be ready by the end of the week and shall be forwarded to you.

donations can be sent to the following account: cheques (with account name and number) can be deposited to any SBI bank branch all over India or money can be transferred electronically with the details below

Account name: LAMO TRUST (ALL CAPS)
Current Account number: 30913378915
RTGS CODE - SB IN 0001365
Address of branch - SBI BANK, Main Bazar, LEH

you can call me on 9920958244 for clarifications. Please forward this email to people who you feel would be interested to help. if anyone is making a contribution pls send 
me a note at

"Abeer Gupta" <>, 
or to Monisha at   
"Monisha Ahmed" <>,

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