Monday, May 31, 2010

New Photos on

Log onto for a new set of photos "Faces of the Himalaya"


  1. When you trek you can see and feel the love! You feel the nature within! Sujoy will give you that experience. In the winter of 2008, I treked with him and my experience cannot be expressed in words. I had a great time seeing sights and enjoying the fresh mountain air! I would go any day If I could because he can teach you so much about the mountains. His prising is great and he will 100% of himself to the mountains.

  2. Trekking with Sujoy was a fabulous experience! When I went trekking with him he showed me sights that a tourist would have never seen. He gave his total knoweledge to me of the mountains and the prising range was great. The lodges were cofortable and he made my trip a great memory

  3. I live in california with my wife and daughter and they weht on trek with Sujoy. They enjoyed their stays and they said that their trip was comfortable and a new experience. They saw many beautiful sights that no one can imagine. The lodgeing was snug and relaxing and they really got the best of their money. Some day I hope I can go on a trek with him but my wife and daughters experience were very enjoyable.



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