Friday, May 14, 2010

Hi everyone,

I want to thank all of you for the overwhelming response to the launch of my trekking site!

Many of you have given me excellent suggestions which I am in the process of incorporating in the site. A new website takes some time to develop and evolve but I am on the job so do be a little patient!

Many of you have asked whether South Col will be doing treks in India! The answer is an emphatic YES! The reason why we started with Nepal is because the infrastructure is much better than India and is easier to plan and organise. We will definitely move to India by next year as well.

Some schools have been asking in regarding short treks for the children. This is also on the cards but may take some time to evolve - possibly 2011! I will post a page soon regarding possible school trips and nature walks..

Calcutta is beastly hot right now and though I would want to be in the Himalaya I am unfortunately right here! Those of you who have managed to get away to cooler climes enjoy yourself!

Stay in touch and keep looking at southcol! I try to add stuff regularly and will also be changing photographs every month!

All the best

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